Sunday, May 7, 2017

Goblins and Me before you

22 January 2017
The korean drama that I like recently~ Goblins

The words that always appear was Destiny (命运)

Through the drama, it teaches us to cherish the moments we have with family and the love one.
and also learn to be strong. be like the main actor (池恩析) she lost her mum in 9 years old and she was being adopted and raised up by her aunt. it was a hard life staying with aunt and cousin who kept bullying her but she study smart and finally she managed to enter famous university.
The songs in the drama are nice and touching too.

Sometimes I will think that we have passed the time that we were young and dream about our prince when we watch Korean drama. This drama brings back some sweet memories to me as a young girl who will dream of  her Mr Right.The one who can protect her from danger and the first kiss which is very romantic.

Another Love  Movie ~ Me Before You

the main actress Louisa is a cheerful and chatty girl. I like her character. 

Will, the main actor who is paralyzed , had chosen to end his life so that he and his loved ones including his parents will not suffer seeing them being in pain and cannot do anything to help him.

Sometimes, we think that we should live when we have the chance, we cannot give up easily or ended our life. That is irresponsible. That is what Louisa trying to do, to change Will's mind of ended his own life. Louisa bring Will on a vocation to an island. She wants Will to  explore the world. but in the end, Will is firm with his decision. The most remarkable sentences in the movie that I remember was Live Your Live Boldly.

Will encourage Louisa to chase her dreams and give herself freedom . think of yourselves first for once!

live your life boldly ~ Me before you

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